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Web development

Creating and developing the web infrastructures that are needed, according to a client’s brief as well as, advising on best practice and developments within the web space. Urban Blend understands what platforms will be best suited and most efficient for the purpose of the site for the clients needs and wants.

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Web design process

Main steps in our process

Catering for each clients' individual needs, Urban Blend makes sure that we provide a service that is custom tailored to your needs for a website, whether it be for a large or small budget. Allowing the client to decide on either a template design or custom coded site, depending on the client and end user need and what will best suit the brand.

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Step 1 Determining the client's needs

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End user experience

Step 2 Choose the best solution

HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript
*Static Site


Wordpress Logo
*Wordpress Template (Content Management System)

Step 3 Plan, design, add content & test

Image illustrating data collected from previous steps.
STEP 1 Data Sheet or Brief
Image illustrating implementation phase.
Wireframe Design Process, Content adding process, Testing phase, Client’s approval

Step 4 Roll-out of final product

Final Product - Website illustrated on all devices.
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Liquid design

For desktop, tablet & phone

Once a design is in place that will best suit the client for web marketing, we start to develop from phone to tablet to desktop, making sure that there is a consistent theme throughout and that the user experience is not disconnected between devices. Making sure the design is translated correctly and efficiently from the different devices so that the user has access no matter what device they are using to view the website on.

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Website on different devices

Mojoe fashions

Mojoe Fashions is a brand that we created and designed to show how a brand concept designed with application in mind can be a versatile tool to build and expand a brand. The brand created illustrates the user experience is simple and translated from one device to another, successfully reaching your target audience on the different devices they use.

Graph illustrating percentage of people owning mobile devices.
% of people owning smartphones and tablets (researching products and services for business on these devices)

Browser compatible

We make sure that no matter who you are reaching across the globe, our websites are accessible and can be correctly viewed on all browsers. Whether it's in your home or office, on your PC or Mac, or tablet or phone, we make sure your website reaches each and every member of your online target audience.

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Graph illustrating Browser usage trends for 2015.
Browser usage trends for 2015

Our web services

Whether it be the whole package or customising or optimising your website we have the skills to offer our clients exactly what they need and how to apply these needs successfully.

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Website design


Catering for the clients specific needs according to the brand identity and application of the brand. We are able to offer websites that suit your needs from time constraints to budget. From Wordpress templates that are quick and affordable to your own custom built static website that is unique to your competitor allowing your brand to stand out against the rest.

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Static/fixed-width websites

Urban Blend is able to take your old fixed-width website and Retrofit it with code to enable your website to be viewed successfully on all mobile devices. Enhancing the user experience whilst saving you money and giving your old website a new lease on life.


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