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Form, line and function are the basis of all good design. We are passionate about design that works for each and every client, each and every time.

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Our design process

Main steps in our process

The Urban Blend Design Process is a collaborative approach, where the core team is involved in each project, bringing a multi faceted approach and view - always according to the client's brief and budget.

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Brief - Paper illustration

1) Client's brief

The first step is to understand in depth what our clients needs and wants are and how we can achieve these wants and needs into a successful concept for our clients. This process would usually include our client filling out a detailed form with specific questions we have drafted to understand our client to the fullest.

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Brainstorming - Head with thunderstorm clouds illustration

2) Brainstorming

Brainstorming is the start of the design process where the entire team comes together creating a think tank to produce the best quality ideas for the clients needs therefore enabling the design process to continue further with a concept idea in place.

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Idea Development - Logo concept illustration

3) Idea development

This is the step in the design process of making sure the concept idea will work in every aspect for the brand we are creating. At this stage of the process the concept will take more shape and direction will be more clear for every one involved.

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Idea Refinement - Refined logo illustration

4) Idea refinement

At this stage we have a firm concept in place and now we work closely with the client to ensure the final concept is what they are happy with, at this stage final changes are made and the concept is rendered out for it to be used on all other applications that will be part of the branding process.

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We design for application

It's important to make sure that the design will be suited for all intended applications, web, device, digital or print. This involves working with the Web Development and Digital Marketing team to ensure that the design will successfully translate into all required applications. Developing one source design for it to flow seamlessly on all platforms.

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Mojoe Final Logo

Mojoe Fashions

This is the final concept design that we have created using the design process to illustrate the process from start to finish including the different application uses.

Fluid websites on desktop and mobile devices
Stationery, from business cards to brochures
Corporate clothing
From Storefront to Signage
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Our design services

Not every client wants the A-Z, therefore we have made sure that you are able to find exactly what you are looking for – your brief is King, it will help us help you get just what you need.

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Logo Creation - Logo Icon

Logo creation

Vector logos

The start of every successful brand is a timeless and engaging logo. Working closely with the needs of the client, we specialise in logo concepts that will be successful for your brand, product or service. Creating a device that is multi-platform functional from print to digital. Our designs are vector based making them usable from low resolution digital applications to high resolution billboards without compromising quality.

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Corporate identity

Stationary/Store branding/CI manuals

We invest time in the finer details that many clients may need for their Corporate Identity. An identity that speaks to the brand essence and translates it from the Company Stationery to Store Branding and everything on every platform in between. Creating the all important Corporate Identity (CI) Manual that specifies the size, usage and parameters of the identity across and for all uses is essential in ensuring that there is no deviation of the designed brand. This ensures that it is applied consistently by anyone who needs to access it. From within your own company usage to other external agencies.

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Illustrations for print and web

We believe that Illustration is a powerful communication tool and a viable option when creating unique design to support your brand, service or product. This is why we have invested in sharpening our skills through Pluralsight to offer our clients the services they require.

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Desktop publishing


Layout and typesetting is a specialised field of design. Urban Blend offers you excellent DTP services creating brochures, magazine articles and page layouts as well as crafting adverts and large print media to suit your requirements.


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